Making a Minion

Minion cake #2 was a success!

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at how we made the little fella.

First: Mold the body from Rice Krispies Treats.  Yes, we cheated and used pre-made…too much to do.  The shape should look a lot like a tic-tac.

Next: Color your fondant to just the riiiiight shade of yellow.  Very important.  Cover the Krispies Treat.  Slow and easy is the trick here.  The fondant will fall into place with some gentle guiding on your part. It’s ok that the bottom is messy, it’s going inside the cake anyway.


Now for some details.  The eye is molded out of various size circles. I hand paint the iris with black food coloring.  The white shine mark is a tiny circle of white fondant.  The black strip will be wrapped around his head to as the eye strap.  Not pictured is the circle used to make the eye piece.  I’ve painted ours with food coloring in an attempt to fake out a metallic effect, but you could also use grey fondant.

2 eye

Now adhere the pieces to the body using a little bit of water.

The mouth is drawn into the fondant using a plastic fondant tool.

3 body

It’s time to put on some pants, man.

These were cut from blue fondant.  Details marks were made with a plastic fondant tool.

4 pants

Almost done!

The arms were molded around wooden skewer sticks.  They’re stuck into the body after the cake is assembled.  This way you get the right angle for excited arms.

Hair is made by rolling little bits of black fondant into tiny snakes.  They are applied to the head like a tiny hair plug procedure… (again, using water to make them stick)



the total package 🙂

Happy Birthday Jaden!  We had a great time making your cake!


6 done

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