Beach Ball Birthday

This weekend was a busy one, and that’s just the way we like it here at Sunday’s. First we got the chance to make a beach ball birthday cake, followed up by donating a cake for a charity event (coming your way tomorrow).

This 5th birthday cake was no joke. The birthday boy requested a beach ball themed dessert spread, and we were happy to deliver! We started with 24 beach ball cupcakes, then moved to 24 beachy themed cake pops, and finally (the piece de ’resistance), the beach ball cake. I have to say-this cake was pretty cool, and very fun to make!

pop lineup


We started with a dome pan to make the 2 halves of the sphere. We hollowed out about ½ inch of one side of the sphere and filled it with buttercream. Then we topped it with the other half of the dome, and set it on a ring shaped stand. For the stand we just used an 8” Styrofoam ring covered with tin foil. Then came the icing. Krista used colored vanilla buttercream to transform our sphere into a beach ball. We finished it off with a fondant “Happy Birthday”, and our beautiful beach ball was done! We hope the birthday boy was just as thrilled as we were with the outcome.

beachball cakeBeach Balls, Birthdays, & Late Nights,

Kris and Kels



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