Garden Party

This weekend we hosted a garden tea party which meant we got the chance to create a pretty delicious spread.  The table was filled with sugar cookies, petite vanilla bean scones with a blackberry glaze, and two cakes.

Woodland party tablescape

We switched it up a bit by making two mini cakes, but we stacked them tallllll. One cake was white with vanilla buttercream and blackberry drizzles, the other was a chocolate beauty that we left pretty much naked. We topped it with vanilla buttercream and more blackberry drizzles, because in my opinion it’s not a real garden tea party without blackberries.

chocolate stack it tall

vanilla small stack cake

butterfly sugar cookies

tablescape woodsy party

We were excited with how with the tablescape came together, and even happier with how scrumptious the desserts were! These goodies, accompanied by a mimosa (orange juice just for color please : ), made for a perfect afternoon of celebrations.

Sunday's girls

Champagne, Tall Cakes & Short Dogs,

Kris and Kels

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