Holiday Gift Idea

It’s the time of year to search all corners of your brain and local malls for the perfect gifts for loved ones. I always find myself teetering between the desire to think of something really meaningful and the ease of buying a dozen candles and being done with it…c’mon, you know its true 🙂 This year we want to share some of our favorite gift ideas and invite you to share yours in the comments!

framed recipe

This is a framed beloved family recipe I received as a wedding gift from my cousin, Kim, and my aunt, Karen. Its a photocopy of my grandma’s original cookie recipe card in her handwriting. It hangs in my kitchen and makes me smile whenever i see it 🙂
(You’ll notice that some of our recipe is censored. We’re in the business of recipe sharing, but some have to stay in the family 😉 )

framed recipe

Its a great gift idea for any family with special recipes, poems, lyrics, meaningful letters, or love notes.  Its versatile and thats what makes this gift so wonderful! We hope this idea brings as much joy to you and yours as it has for me!

Happy Giving,
(Kelsey is here too 🙂 )

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