Party Bark with the Dog Girls

   Its your lucky day, Sunday’s fans! 🙂 We’ve decided that its finally time to introduce you guys to the official Sunday’s mascots, and we thought that our Party Bark (hahahaa, bark…get it?) recipe is the perfect way to do it! We are pleased to introduce Gwen and Squishy!





These girls are best friends and they help us keep Sunday’s together-but not in the kitchen, obviously 🙂 Although they don’t actually get to enjoy this festive holiday BARK, they do enjoy the name, since it is what they do best!
This bark is one of the easiest recipes we have and its great because its customizable to whatever you think sounds delicious, or just have on hand.

Holiday Bark

Holiday Bark
1 package of your favorite chocolate. We like to use regular old Kroger brand chocolate candy coating, 16oz.
Your favorite toppings. This is where it gets fun! Use whatever you like! We chose to make ours 3 different ways: peppermint, pistachio & dried cranberry, and marshmallow & pretzel.

Ready for the easiest directions in the world?!  Yeah, we thought so 🙂 First, melt your chocolate either in a double boiler, or over low heat on the stove until smooth and creamy. Lay a piece of parchment paper on your table and pour and spread your melted chocolate out in a slightly thin, even layer. Finally, sprinkle with your favorite toppings! Go crazy with this step- the tastier the toppings, the tastier the chocolate! We liked all of our topping choices, but highly recommend the pistachio/dried cranberry mixture. Its perfect for the Holidays, plus the colors are gorgeous! Let your chocolate sit out for a couple of hours until fully hard and set up. Break it apart with a knife into bite size pieces. Thennnn dig in.

Holiday Bark

pretzel marshmallow bark

mint bark

cranberry and pistacho bark

This stuff is so simple and tasty that making it for the busy holiday season is a no brainer! We bet your favorite furry four legged friend will cheer you on while your making this wonderful BARK 🙂

Dog girls

Barking Pups,
Krista, Kelsey, Squishy & Gwen




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